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Je passe mon temps à écouter ce que je ne devrais pas entendre.


about me: my name is justine, i'm 17. i'm sorry if i make some mistakes because i'm french and i'm still learning english so.. anyway, i created my lj so that i could post my icons, banners, etc etc... i hope you'll like them.
what i love: my favortie actresses are julianne moore, kate winslet, glenn close & meryl streep. my favorite color is purple (wow, interesting!). my favorite band is queen and my favorite singer is rufus wainwright. my favorite books are the reader, dangerous liaisons and paradoxe sur le comédien. my favorite films are dangerous liaisons, eternal sunshine, the bridges of madison county, the end of the affair, the hours...
if you wanna know something else, just ask :)

purple friend profile layout